User agreement/ terms and conditions

1. Definitions

In this user agreement section (conditions) the following concepts have subsequent definitions:

Participant: A person that, through an email sent by or in name of the Organizer with an enclosed (web)link, has agreed to partake in Meet the Youngsters, has created an account and has agreed to the Terms of Use/ User agreement.

Conditions of participation: These terms of use, offered by the organization of Meet the Youngsters.

A third party: a legal entity/ person or organization that is not legally or otherwise bound to the website or Soapbox.

Partner companies: Companies or institutions that have created a business profile on Meet the Youngsters.

User/ You: Participant or visitor of a website or online portal, that is part of Meet the Youngsters.

Soapbox: Soapbox B.V. established and holding office in Maastricht. The legal entity Meet the Youngsters created and owner of the website

2. Pertinence of the conditions

On Meet the Youngsters, solely these conditions apply. The conditions are exclusively applicable by the users or visitors of

3. Content responsibility

The website or online portals that host the website might contain hyperlinks to websites with content of third parties, or partner companies. By clicking on these hyperlinks you will leave the Meet the Youngsters environment and access the third party’s website. Soapbox has no influence over these websites or online portals. The incorporation or presence of a third party’s content on the website(s) or online portals that host this website does not imply Soapbox endorses this content. Soapbox does not take any responsibility or liability for the content or the use of website or services offered by a third party.

Users and partner companies can create their own profile and content on the website. Soapbox does not verify the communication between users and other users nor does it verify the communication between users and partner companies on content. We have no control over the quality, safety, legality, integrity or correctness of the content posted by the users or partner companies. See 6.

4. Account

The make use of Meet the Youngsters, you must create an account on the website. Users are at all times, obligated to take care that the information provided is complete and correct. This also goes for personal data including name and email address. Soapbox reserves the right to (not) assign an account. The criteria for this are different but an account may not be assigned if the provided information (appears) to be false.
If you are 16 years of age or younger, a parent or legal guardian must give consent to creating an account. By agreeing with our terms of use, you guarantee that you are at least 16 years of age. It is not allowed to create an account for somebody else without his or her consent.
Personal accounts may be deleted. For this procedure we refer to the privacy section.

5. use of the website

The user declares towards Soapbox that he/ she is authorized to make use of the website. The website(s) or online portals that host Meet the Youngsters are selected with the utmost care and made accessible to the users. Soapbox can not guarantee that the websites or online portals are completely free of viruses, accessible at all times, without errors or disruptions. The users are not permitted to change, copy, damage, overload, hinder, shut down, disrupt the use of, the website, unless written permission is given by Soapbox. Concerning this all rights are reserved.

 6. Intellectual property en other exclusive right; privacy

All intellectual property rights, including but not limited to trademark rights, commercial rights, database rights, and or copyrights, concerning the website and the thereon placed content such as design, text, articles, (company)names and logo’s are pertained exclusively Soapbox’s to use. It is not allowed to remove notice of intellectual property or to edit them.
The user will not perform actions that, directly or indirectly, infringe exclusive rights such as intellectual property pertaining to Soapbox, Partner companies or third parties.
Concerning files, images, pictures and text that are made available by users or are placed on the website(s) or online portals, Soapbox will be granted by the user a free of charge, unencumbered, worldwide, access to sublicense, non exclusive license to:

Change and/ or use, duplicate, distribute, and make public all files, data and/or material in relation to Soapbox; and
to use, change and/ or use, duplicate, distribute, and make public all files, data and/or material for Soapbox promotional purposes.

The user declares to be the sole owner of the rights to- or have access to the rights to duplicate, reuse or make public their files, data and/or materials. Soapbox and their partner companies are not liable for any claims by third parties, who on the base of intellectual property, portrait rights and/ or privacy rights, make objection against publication and the use of  files, images, pictures and text that are made available by users or are placed on the website(s) or online portals. The user safeguards Soapbox and partner companies and any affiliated companies and persons from any claims by third parties based on the infringement of intellectual properties/ portrait rights with files, images, pictures and text of otherwise unlawful actions against third parties and for all claims that are the result of your actions violating these terms and conditions.
All the costs and damage to Soapbox in relation to said claims will be paid by the user.

Notice and take down procedure
When you notice that someone else/ a third party violates your (intellectual property, privacy) rights: please send an email to Upon receiving your email Soapbox will investigate and take action as soon as possible. Your email must contain the following information:
the URL on which the alleged infringement is made;
a statement, where possible supported by evidence, that there is in fact a violation of your intellectual property, privacy) rights;
contact information, such as your name, address, telephone number  and email address;

Soapbox retains the right to not comply with a request to remove or block content, in the case that they have well founded reasons to doubt the correctness of the notice or doubt the provided evidence or in case the content concerned in the notice does not appear to be unmistakably unlawful.

In case of violation of the user agreement; Soapbox retains the right to suspend, remove or block your account without prior notice.

7. Forbidden or illegal content

Content you are never allowed to post or distribute through the website or online channel that supports the Platform include:

– Content which is discriminating
– Content which calls for violence/ bullying
– Content which violate good morals or taste
– Content which is pornographic in nature
– Content which promote/ content with criminal activity
– Content which, without pre-established written consent from Soapbox, indulges in commercial activity such as advertisements, lotteries, contests or pyramid games
– Content in clear violation of the law, rules or these terms and conditions. As long as these do not fall in the notice and take down procedure as mentioned in 7.

In the case of illegal content, Soapbox will remove this from the website or block access to it, to Soapbox discretion.

8. Liability

If there is any liability of Soapbox or partner companies, to the extent of the law, this liability will be limited to compensation of the direct damages per infringement (to which a coherent set of events will be marked up as one) to the maximum of  € 10.000,-

The liability of Soapbox and partner companies for indirect damages and consequential damage, among which shall be counted forgone revenue and profit, loss of goodwill, loss of data and non-material damages is ruled out.

The requirement for any compensation to be made is that the damages are reported, immediately when suffered, written to Soapbox. Every claim of damage compensation expires after 12 months.

The limitations of liability as stated in this article do not apply in the case of purposeful recklessness by the board of directors of Soapbox and/ or the organizer.

9. Communication concerning Meet the Youngsters

In case of any questions by the user about the online part of the Platform, you can contact Soapbox by email

10. Other provisions

In case any or more provisions in these terms and conditions are nullified or removed, all other provisions still apply.

These Terms and Conditions are made up by and controlled by Dutch Law.
Any disputes in relation to or arising from these terms and conditions will in first instance, exclusively be presented to the judge in Maastricht.

November 2013