OUTKOM Maastricht


Because of the Corona virus and the imposed measures of the Government, it was decided to move the OUTKOM of Maastricht. The OUTKOM of Maastricht will now take place at the 26th of November!


Because of the COVID-19 epidemic, The OUTKOM will be an online event. The event will start at 15.30h.

Always wondered what you could do? Whether you can work internationally? What opportunities are there? Then come to the ‘OUTKOM2020’! Meet some beautiful Maastricht employers such as Mercedes-Benz, Gemeente Maastricht, Sappi, Accon AVM, Thomas Regout and DHL, visit the business market and participate in inspiration sessions and speed dates!

The Speeddate-event has 4 rounds of 30 minutes. You are free to choose how many rounds you visit. You have to choose a minimum of one round!


Lecutre Maastricht University

The last round UM organises a lecture about “Online Networking“. This lecture is an 1 hour during English spoken lecture.Networking these days happens online. Sounds good, but how does it work?Wich online platforms can be used and how do they help you with expanding your network? You will discover these answers during the lecture!

For more information about the companies present at the OUTKOM of Maastricht, please visit the website www.meettheyoungsters.nl/maastricht