Online Internship market North Limburg

The impact of the Corona crisis is big. But how do you get your internship placement after the summer? And how do you find that interesting company where they need your knowledge and fresh energy? The event took place on Tuesday, June 16 from 15.00 – 17.30 hours. We have received many positive reactions. Thanks for those!


How did it work?

During the online speed dating sessions, you get the opportunity to get to know different companies. After you register, you have 1 round or more to get to know companies online. Then you can  introduce yourself to companies and ask all kinds of questions. This is done, just like a speed date. Of course, the main goal of this interview is to find your future internship placement!


The participating companies in the online internship market can be found at


The internships at the participating companies can be found under the heading jobs/internships. Would you like to get even more in the picture? Then create a profile at, so the companies can get to know you better in advance and you can see which companies and internships suit you and your education!