Career inspiration day 2021


Maastricht is developing and profiling itself as an international university city in a powerful knowledge region.

One of the important goals of the Coalition Agreement 2018-2022 is to create a city where the quality of education and the career opportunities in the (Eu)region provide students, startups, expats and the practically oriented to choose this city and region. The Coalition Agreement 2018-2022 specifically mentions the desire to retain students for Maastricht and the (Eu)region, so that students will not only find their first but also their next jobs in their own region.

The objective of the program Student City is to make career opportunities visible and actively promote them, as well as to facilitate graduates in finding a job (also abroad).



The objective of the Career Inspiration Day is to contribute to the regional knowledge economy and labour market by connecting and retaining students and recent graduates for Maastricht and the (Eu)region. The emphasis is on making career perspectives visible as well as facilitating the process of finding a job, i.e. connecting.

The aim is for approximately 200 to 250 students to participate in the Career Inspiration Day throughout the day.