Privacy statement Meet the Talents B.V. concerning Meet the Youngsters.


Meet the Talents B.V. (hereafter referred to as “we”or “us”) aims to provide a service of high quality, in which reliability is an important factor. Respect for the privacy of those that make use of our services and a careful approach to personal data is an important part of the reliability of our endeavor. We aim to be transparent in the way that we, as the ones in charge, deal with and process the, as made available by the user (hereafter referred to as “user”, “you” or “your”), personal information. We shall illustrate this in in this privacy statement. Meet the Talents will comply with the rules in handling personal information, as described in the law: ‘Wet bescherming persoongegevens (Wbp)’ and the ‘Telecommunicatiewet’(Tw).

Name and contact info of the responsible

Meet the Talents B.V.,
Meet the Youngsters,
Robert Schumandomein 2
6229 ES Maastricht |
kvk: 54104688

Meet the Talents and Meet the Youngsters

Meet the Youngsters is a product of Meet the Talents B.V.

Meet the Youngsters is an online platform where school pupils, students and recently graduated users can be put into contact with (school)institutions and companies

Personal information and how they are collected

In providing our service, personal information provided by the user are acquired and saved. This information includes; Name, Address, date of birth, IP address, pictures of persons, interests, education, career, and email addresses.

We will not collect more personal information than is reasonably needed for the reasons stated below or to which you have agreed to. We will not save the personal information in a way that makes the user easily identifiable longer than needed for the purposes they are collected and processed.


The goals for the processing of personal information of the users are:

–        Provide participants with an opportunity to partake in Meet the Youngsters and for these purposes create an account
–        Make it possible for participants to come into contact with (school)institutions and companies that are of interest to the user
–        Automatically generate matches between participants and companies
–        Send emails to inform about career news, events, training, actions jobs and internships
–        Send emails to inform about Meet the Talents and affiliates
–        Poll the opinion of the user for research
–        Sending of newsletters with information about Meet the Youngsters and affiliates

We will only use the personal information provided, especially your email address, with your explicit consent (opt – in) for marketing research, such as the spreading of our newsletter, our affiliates newsletter or our partners’ newsletter to you. If you do not wish to receive said newsletters you can easily click on the link marked “unsubscribe”.


We make use of cookies on the websites hosted and managed by us. These are small files that keep track of preferences of the user and are stored on the computer of the user. Cookies have two functions. On the one hand they help the user with surfing by remembering username and passwords. On the other hand cookies keep track of the websites users visit to give insight to the users’ interests.

Meet the Talents will place (in name of its clients) cookies for the following purposes:

–        To optimize the use of our website or the analyze it
–        To provide more user oriented information on our websites
–        To be able to send user oriented communication
–        For marketing purposes

The use of cookies can be switched off in your browser settings. In which case you will lose your preferences and have to enter data such as username and passwords, this can affect accessibility.

Google analytics and YouTube

Personal information can also be processed that are legally collected by third parties, amongst which possibly cookies, for example by YouTube and Google analytics. Meet the Talents makes use of Google Analytics to keep track of how users use our website. Meet the Talents also uses YouTube to play videos of our users.

Google can provide this information to third parties if they are legally made to, or in the case of a third party handling google’s information. Meet the Talents has no influence over this. The collected data, including IP address, is copied to Google’s servers in the United States of America. Please read the privacy policy by google ( for more information, and also the privacy policy concerning Google Analytics. (

Providing data to third parties

We will not share personal data unless:
– it is to Meet the Talents affiliated enterprises : WoWBox BV,
– we are legally bound to
– when we receive consent of the user
– when it is necessary to protect the rights of the user and our rights


Meet the Talents will take all organizational and technical measures to ensure the security of the personal data and safeguard them form abuse, loss or editing.

Changing or deleting data

If you want insight to, changing of your personal information, you can do that through written request to abovementioned address and we will respond within 4 weeks. At insight request we will charge the maximum allowed fee. We will provide insight within 4 weeks of payment of said fee.

In case of other questions, comments or complaints about the protection of your personal information we kindly request you to contact us through abovementioned contact information.


We retain the right to edit this privacy statement to comply with current laws and rules. In that case we will inform about this through our website. We therefor recommend you to visit our website regularly to be informed of any changes.

Maastricht, november 2013