Who are we?

Meet The Youngsters is an online platform where school pupils, students and recent graduates are brought into contact with companies, organisations and educational institutes. Meet the Youngsters offers both youngsters and employers the possibility to get in contact with each other. On the one hand students are helped with their search for career opportunities and on the other hand companies get the opportunity to grow in their employer branding. Through a personal profile on the platform, students and companies are matched based on study, interests and skills. If there is a match, both the young people and the companies can start an interview. In this service we process personal data. Meet The Youngsters is a trademark of Meet The Talents B.V.

Our contact details are:

telephone: +31 6 83 42 06 65
address: Boschstraat 21 6211 AS Maastricht

Why this statement?

We have the responsibility to protect your personal data as good as possible. In doing so, we must comply with the requirements of the privacy regulations. We want to be transparent about the types of data we process, the purposes of the processing, with whom we share the data and what rights you have regarding your own data. In this Privacy Statement, we inform you about this. If you still have questions after reading this document, please contact us at

1.Types of data

We process (potentially) the following personal data from you:

Actively provided data (this is data that you enter yourself on the website or send us for example by e-mail):

  • Contact details, such as name, address, place of residence, telephone number and e-mail address;
  • Date of birth, age, gender;
  • educational details;
  • interests;
  • career data;
  • email addresses.

Passively provided data (this is data you provide without being aware of it). For example, when you visit our website, we record a number of technical data such as:

  • The IP address of your computer;
  • The operating system you use;
  • The internet browser you use;
  • The internet pages you have visited.
  • Purposes of data processing

2. Purposes of data processing

We process the personal data actively provided for the following purposes in our organisation:

Your data are used for the execution of the agreements made with you and/or to deliver you the agreed upon services, products and information.
Furthermore Meet The Youngsters will use your data in order to show you companies, internships, vacancies, activities & events, traineeships and side jobs specifically aimed at you, to share interesting information and to inform you about current and future products, services and events.

Passively provided personal data is collected through the placement of cookies* on the website. We do this for the following purposes:

  • To analyse and/or optimise the use of our websites;
  • To place more information on our websites targeted at you;
  • To send targeted communications;
  • To develop marketing activities.

* The use of cookies can be deactivated via the browser settings. In that case, however, settings such as passwords and login names must be typed in again and again, which may reduce the ease of use.

3. Legal grounds for processing data

We use at least one of the following grounds for processing your personal data:

  • Your data will be used for the execution of the agreement entered into with you and/or to provide you with the agreed services, products and information;
  • The explicit permission you have given to process data for specific purposes. You can always revoke this permission;
  • For the protection of our legitimate interests in the context of our business operations or those of a third party. In doing so, we will always weigh up your interests against ours. Our interests include the careful execution of the agreement with you, maintaining and possibly expanding our customer relationship through direct marketing and/or profiling for marketing purposes.

4. Storage and retention period of personal data

We will keep your personal data only as long as we need it. After a period of eight years of inactivity on your account or profile, you will receive a reminder from Meet the Youngsters. You will be offered the choice to delete your account or profile, but you can also choose to still have an active profile on the Meet the Youngsters platform. In the meantime you will kept informed of developments through newsletters and informative mails. The retention period of eight years is based on the cooperation with secondary schools that has already started. As a result of this cooperation, young people start orienting themselves at an earlier moment in their future working lives. In this period we expect to been able to help you with the first steps in your career.

5. Information, modification and objection

You have specific rights regarding the processing of your personal data. Please do not hesitate to contact us about this. This certainly applies to the following topics:

  • Whether we process your personal data;
  • The way we process your personal data;
  • access to the personal data we process from you;
  • objections against the processing of your personal data;
  • Adjustment of your personal data if these are (possibly) incorrectly processed;
  • restriction of your personal data;
  • removal (deletion) of your personal data;
  • transfer of your personal data to yourself or another organisation at your request;
  • consultation with our data protection officer, who can be contacted via;
  • questions regarding the content of this Privacy Statement.

Please note that it may not be possible for us to comply with a request in all cases. If this is the case, we will let you know with reasons.

6. Security of your data

We have taken adequate technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data.

7. Providing information to third parties

We do not provide your personal data to others. We may do so if you have given us permission to do so, if we are required to do so by law or by a court ruling, or if the provision is in service of our purposes for processing personal data.

If applicable, the information you provide will be shared with companies linked to you. Meet The Youngsters publishes information that you have included in your account or profile on the website. This information is accessible to the companies, organisations, students or employees linked to your profile. Also the information you put on the website is accessible for visitors. In some cases you can click through to third party websites. Meet The Youngsters is not responsible for the data processing or the privacy policy of these third parties. Meet The Youngsters is also not responsible for the possible processing of your public personal data by other users.

External parties who process personal data under our responsibility do so only for purposes and under conditions we have agreed with them. This will be recorded in written agreements.

8. Amendments to the Privacy Statement

It is possible that we amend this Privacy Statement in the future. You will always find the most current version on our website.

9. Right of complaint

Do you disagree with the way we process your personal data or deal with your rights as a customer? Please contact us in any case via You can also submit a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority. To do so, please visit

Date: 18th of October 2021