Mechatronics at Fontys

Education within the universities is changing. The aim is to allow students to work more on assignments from the business world in which the student determines his or her own learning trajectory. However, it is sometimes difficult for the education sector to find the right assignments at the companies. Which company has enough time and how do we bring the right people into contact with each other?

Mechatronics from Fontys Venlo and Meet the Youngsters therefore like to join forces to work on a partnership that is interesting for every party, gives satisfactory results and above all is future-proof. The goal is that the workload of employees is proportional to the performance of the students and Fontys. That is why we want to organize as large a pool of companies as possible to avoid the risk of having to fall back on too small a group.

What is the idea?

Each semester we remove a subgroup from the pool that is involved in education:

In the form of projects that students work on (guidance from the company varying from 0 to an x-number of hours per week). The complexity of the projects varies per academic year and must relate to solving a technical problem, including delivering a proof of concept.

Company visits/excursions, practice interviews for students, guest classes, etc.

Everyone who wants to participate is contacted via email and can indicate through the websites of Fontys Venlo and Meet the Youngsters whether he or she will actively participate in a particular semester. We will then actively approach those persons for further elaboration.

Are you interested in setting this up? Send an email to Meet the Youngsters ( of ) or at Fontys Venlo / Ruud den Bekker (teacher of mechatronica,