Meet the youngsters is the online career platform for young professionals, students, and alumni. The career platform that offers you the opportunity to get in touch with innovative and inspiring employers within Limburg.

How does Meet the Youngsters work?

1- You first create a personal profile on the platform. You do this by clicking on “start here” on the homepage.

2- Fill in your profile as accurately as possible (for example, what courses you have followed, gained work experience and fields you are interested in, but also the matching test).

3- Via this profile, you will be matched with companies that match your professional interests and study. So the more complete your profile, the better the matches will be!

4- If you are interested in getting in touch with a particular employer, send a network request. Conversely, an employer can also show interest in you.

5- If the interest is mutual, you will join each other’s network.

6- From this position, you can contact each other and plan your career with one of the top Limburg employers.