About Meet the Youngsters

Meet the Youngsters is an online career platform that is designed to help students, alumni and young professionals to start their career. This platform gives you the opportunity to match and connect with several innovative and inspiring employers throughout Limburg.

We offer career opportunities such as several internships, traineeships and jobs for you as young talent. You want to kick start your career today? You want to know where your chances lie? Take control and start today! Register now, create your personal profile and start matching and connecting.

How does Meet the Youngsters work?

  1. You start with your own personal profile. To create your profile click on ‘Start Here’.
  2. Make sure your profile is as complete as possible (including your studies, interests, job experience, etc.)
  3. When completed your profile will be matched with companies based on your and their information.
  4. Have you found your match? Send them an invitation to join your network and discover what they have to offer. Companies can also show interest in you and are able to send you an invite.
  5. If interests are mutual, you will join each other’s network.
  6. If they accept your invite or you accept theirs start applying!

How did we come to be?

Meet the Youngsters is a continuation of Limburg Magnet which started in 2014. Limburg Magnet started as an initiative from the Limburgse Werkgevers Vereniging. Over the years this project has found the support of several representatives of the Triple Helix (representatives of: education, companies & government). With the support of MKB-Limburg, Keyport 2020, Limburg Economic Development and the LLTB the project has grown to it’s current state. Recently the name Limburg Magnet and Brainport2020Career has been replaced by ‘Meet the Youngsters’. From 2018 on the name Meet the Youngster will represent all components of the previous project Limburg Magnet & Brainport2020Career.

Meet the Talents B.V.

The first version of the carreer-platform was created by Soapbox. Meet the Talents is responsible for the finishing touches of the carreer-platform. The marketing agency Meet the Talents aims to inspire young talent on their road to success.


Do you want more information about Meet the Youngsters and possibilities within the project? Contact us now!

  • E-mail: info@meettheyoungsters.nl
  • Phone: +31 43 7600300
  • Mobile Office: +31 6 83 42 06 65 / +31 6 37 47 80 11
  • Address:
    Meet the Talents B.V.
    a.v. Meet the Youngsters
    Boschstraat 21
    6211 AS Maastricht

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