Over Vynova Group

VYNOVA was founded on July 1, 2015, as spin off from the INEOS ChlorVinyls “heritage” to become part of ICIG (closing August 1, 2015). The company is young, but continues operating its businesses based on the vast experience dating back to EVC, LVM and INEOS ChlorVinyls.

VYNOVA stands for continuity and reliability, and excellence in quality and service through partnering with our clients. It operates a growth strategy based on a healthy financial structure.
Leadership in safety and operational excellence are part of our core values.

For ICIG, this acquisition  will complement its fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals and enterprises platforms by new strategic segments in the chlorovinyls industry.

As a result of this formation VYNOVA becomes a major player in the European suspension PVC and caustic soda (NaOH) markets. In addition, it strengthens its position in caustic potash (KOH) to become a key player in Europe, together with ICIG’s existing KOH business in PPC (France).

The VYNOVA assets constitute a set of well integrated chemical supply chains, from salt to PVC.  All cell rooms for caustic soda production are based on state-of-the art membrane electrolysis. The PVC plants are located in western Europe, with good access to logistic facilities and export markets.

Our focus

International Chemical Investors Group (ICIG) is a privately owned industrial holding company focusing on mid-sized chemicals and pharmaceutical businesses. ICIG presently incorporates 24 independent chemicals and pharmaceutical businesses with total sales of approximately EUR 2,000 million.

All of ICIG's businesses and employees have origins in major global chemicals or pharmaceutical corporations and while we actively exchange best practice throughout most functions of our different businesses, all of our companies are independently financed and managed.

Our focus is exclusively on the chemicals and pharmaceutical  industries, preferably subsidiaries of large corporations operating in competitive environments, which were considered non-core.

Wat maakt ons zo uniek?

VYNOVA BEEK B.V. staat voor de PVC-plant, gevestigd op locatie Chemelot Geleen in Zuid Limburg (NL). De plant is eigendom van VYNOVA, dat op haar beurt eigendom is van International Chemical Investors Group (ICIG). VYNOVA richt zich m.n. op de Europese PVC markt en caustische soda markt. VYNOVA is een 'jonge speler' met een rijke traditie.

Met ± 100 medewerkers produceren wij Polyvinylchloride, dat gebruikt wordt voor verwerking tot brede toepassingsmogelijkheden: van kunstof kozijnen, leidingen tot langspeelplaten en infuuszakken. De organisatie telt twee hoofdafdelingen: Operations bestaande uit Productie, Dagsupport en Eindverwerking en Maintenance & Technology bestaande uit Onderhoud, Maintenance engineers en ondersteunende functies. VYNOVA BEEK B.V. wordt gekenmerkt door een open en informele cultuur en prettige werkomgeving.



Voor mensen met potentie zijn er eventueel doorgroeimogelijkheden binnen VYNOVA BEEKĀ  in Nederland en VYNOVA Group in Europees verband. Wij investeren in talent en ondersteunen de ontwikkeling en groei van onze medewerkers.



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        Telefoon 046 702 1841
        Website http://www.vynova-group.com
        Adres Koolwaterstofstraat 1
        Plaats Geleen
        Postcode 6161 RA
        Land Nederland


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